3D virtual tour

When putting a property up for sale or for rent, you obviously wonder about the effectiveness of each of your potential partners. This choice is never easy. In addition to the involvement of your interlocutor, it is the quality of the services offered that, in the end, will make the difference.

You are also wondering about the selling price or the amount of rent for your house or apartment. To set a price, you need to know the market price and the different criteria for setting a sale or rent price. Through our experience and our knowledge of the market, we offer you a valuation service for your real estate assets.

At MMI, we won’t make vague promises. We will undertake in writing, contractually, to put in place a system aimed at achieving the objective you have set for us as soon as possible – details of this will be provided to you point by point.

You will be immediately informed of each procedure implemented, and will be able to follow, thanks to the regularity of the information provided, the progress made.
You will not be unaware of the means we will use to ensure maximum visibility for your property.

And we will always be present to answer each of your questions.
This is a formal commitment on our part.


Impression of total immersion during the visit, possibility of:
Zoom in, measure with 99% accuracy, project easily thanks to the 3D view and visit 24 hours a day

This technology offers a global and aerial view of the property with 2D and 3D plans showing the layout of the different rooms.

This 3D visit is completely immersive with meter-by-meter scans of the entire property, which allows for real fluidity of movement in space.
Thus, the user can wander as he pleases and can explore every nook and cranny of the accommodation.

We offer you our 3D virtual tours, the world’s leading technology in this field
More successful and more qualitative than all the other virtual tours that you have seen.
These virtual tours offer a realistic rendering of unmatched quality for each scanned space.

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