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When putting a property up for sale, you obviously wonder about the effectiveness of each of your potential partners. This choice is never easy. In addition to the involvement of your partner, the quality of the services offered will ultimately make the difference.

At MM IMMOBILIER, we will not make vague promises. We will commit in writing, contractually, to put in place a mechanism to achieve as soon as possible the objective you have set for us. The details of the chosen strategy will be communicated to you in details and you will be regularly informed of the progress of the steps taken.

Thanks to our expertise, you will be informed within 48 hours about the real value of your property.

They made us

170 listings
In 2020

87 properties sold
In 2020

56 rented properties
In 2020

Enhancement of your property

We offer our clients a new real estate experience by prioritizing quality over quantity, and take care of every property, regardless of its category.

Photography &
drone view

We have all the professional equipment to take photos and complete views of your property to showcase it.

  • Aerial view
  • Photos of main parts
  • A third element

Virtual visit of your property

This technology offers a global and aerial view of the property with 2D and 3D plans showing the layout of the different rooms.

  • Visit the property 24 hours a day
  • Measure with 99% accuracy
  • Project yourself thanks to the 3D view

Request an estimate

Send us your information, we will get back to you quickly to set up an appointment.

We understand that getting an objective estimate of your assets can help you make important decisions. You want your property to be appraised with confidence, whether for information purposes or with a view to an upcoming sale.

Here, our employees are not subject to any quantitative target for entering new mandates. In compliance with the rules of ethics and confidentiality, they will share with you in all sincerity their professional and reasoned analysis of your property, as well as of course their conclusions on its market value.

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